Going belly is a condition in a company which has gone financially bust and cannot run its day to day operations. However, think of a situation where a family goes emotionally bust and cannot function?

This phenomenon sometimes occurs in families who have relocated because an adult member of the household has accepted a work assignment in a new country. Perhaps some (or all) of the family members are unsure about the move. The relocated employee may be struggling to find his or her way with new responsibilities among new co-workers in a new location and is so immersed in work challenges that the family’s distress goes unnoticed or unaddressed, as he or she is fighting a battle of his or her own, traversing the tight rope at work dealing with an alien culture. If one parent stays at home, she or he may feel all the stress of providing emotional support to family members and of taking the lead in such matters as handling schooling, shopping, attending to chores with strangers where language and culture can be as diverse as chalk and cheese.

These scenarios are all part of a family’s failure to adjust to and positively grow in new surroundings—according to a Global Relocation Management company’s survey, one of the top three reasons for assignment failure, is lack of the ability for the family to get well adjusted. How can this be avoided?

It is key to send the right people on each assignment (a very bold statement, and wish HR managers had crystal balls with them to gaze the future) , and to determine this well in advance. While technical skills are important to the success of an assignment, so is the family’s ability to adapt to new, unfamiliar situations.

Use of IOS Relocation’s cultural training program can help all parties to determine their suitability for the assignment.

A look see/preview trip  will allow the family to preview available homes, schools, and recreational options, while simultaneously learning about the people and culture in the destination location. And the entire family can prepare for culture shock if key tools such as cross-cultural and language training are offered to the entire family. Providing accurate, honest information up front will go a long way toward ensuring a productive—and thriving—assignee and family.

Should you need our assistance in ensuring that your family or your employees family does not go belly up then drop a note to us on info@iosrelocations.com and we will be glad to assist.