The IOS Look See visit programme aims at equipping an assignee with all the requisite information to make a knowledgeable decision about the international assignment. It begins in the assignee’s host country with meticulous analysis of the requirements prior to travel to the new location. The programme moves into the second phase when the assignee arrives in the destination city for a quick look see. An IOS relocation management consultant provides a comprehensive city overview of housing, schools, healthcare and recreational facilities through face-to-face exchanges.

Every program is distinctive in its scope and can be customised to the transferees needs, however, a typical relocation programme includes:

  • Presentation and discussion on city specific welcome kit
  • Overview of immigration
  • Overview of housing
  • Overview of educational institutions
  • Overview of healthcare facilities
  • Overview of recreational facilities
  • General outline of the cost of living in the destination city, with a spotlight on
  • Appliance markets
  • Furniture markets
  • Foreign & local foods availability