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Time to take a stock – Employee Moving? Mobility Managers do Read…

As 2018 eases in, and we are done with January 2018, it is time to gear up for the busy relocation season. All mobility professionals all over would be looking and re evaluating the number of moves they will be managing this year. IOS Relocations brings you 5 ways which can prepare your employees for the move:

  1. Authorize your destination service providers at the earliest. This will ensure that the destination consultant has enough heads up to work on the requirements for appropriate housing and schooling options. Preparation is the best mechanism which we have for meeting the desired moving dates and having within desired budget relocation.
  2. Assignment Preview Trips Or Look see Programs are a very good tool to ensure that your employees get a feel for the location which they would be moving into. The cost of the assignment preview trip clearly offsets the benefits for the assignee to get running on the ground when they actually move in. It has been proved that the look see programs make an assignee 40% more productive as opposed to visiting the destination city for the first time when the assignment begins.
  3. One to the pillars of success for our business is setting appropriate expectations. Hence, it is very key to be transparent with the relocating employees on the situation of the housing in the destination city, availability of admission in the schools.
  4. Moving features very high on an anxiety source for a human being. The correct advice on how much to move, and how to donate or eliminate items which are not used or not required, will go a long way in ensuring that the move is as stress free as possible.
  5. A more flexible relocations policy to include adding smaller shipments and other variations such has an all-inclusive lumpsum amount towards certain relocation benefits.

In conclusion, working with the relocating employees well in advance ensures and overall success for the entire process. You could reach out to IOS Relocations via for guidance on Destination services, Immigration services, Packing & Moving services, Cross- cultural training services.

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Budget Relocations… Global Mobility on a shoe string

Money is a commodity which will invariably be in short supply. As mobility teams continue to face ever-tightening budgets, what can companies do to make sure that every rupee spent on the relocation program counts? It’s a question raised by many of our clients.

In today’s new business environment, most of companies have already undergone years of cost saving initiatives. Certainly, compensation and benefits is one area that they have already cut back on for most, if not all, of their international assignees. So, now that those gains have been realized and reported in quarterly business reviews with much fanfare, where else can we look to reduce cost?

Understanding the Inputs and Outputs of Your Mobility Program

A thorough understanding of the inputs and outputs of your mobility program is key to stretching your budget further. Companies that make the most significant savings over time look at every aspect of their mobility program and do this on a continuous basis. If you don’t have a strong sense of the objectives for each of your international assignments, it’s impossible to allocate resources effectively.

Don’t Underestimate the Little Things

In addition to looking at the bigger picture, we shouldn’t neglect to review program components like housing, household goods shipments, schooling and language training. For example, we’re seeing online language training classes fast-becoming a viable option. Having improved in quality over the years, virtual training offers assignees and their families both flexibility and strong learning outcomes.

If you work in the global mobility space, do hit up on the comments below, what cost saving have you brought about, we would love to hear from you, and maybe feature your companies efforts in a series of blogs.

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Technology, Changing the Global Mobility Space Forever!

Knock Knock… who is there? Technology…. Technology who? Technology, who is changing the global mobility space for ever!

Technology is changing all our lives and impacting organizations in all industries. The relocation industry could not be an exception to this sweeping change. So, what’s driving the evolution of technology in employee mobility task? And which new technologies are just around the corner? And how can you take advantage of the same, while planning your employees’ relocation?

Technology Changing the Global Mobility Space for Ever The self-serve models we’re seeing today have been driven primarily by the new devices that we not only work with, but use constantly in our daily lives. Siri and Google Assist are a common part of everyday life now, helping us answer questions, monitor our homes, and remind us of our grocery list. A virtual relocation assistant to help you answer relocation questions and submit paperwork can’t be far off.

Data analytics will be telling companies how to spend their relocation budget wisely. Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, driver-less trucks—the stuff of science fiction stories 30 years ago—all have the potential to change the face of the relocation industry. Drones are a reality today, and their current commercial use is that of an enhanced selfie stick. However, this disruptor can be major differentiator in the space of lifting objects via air instead of stair carry in the near perceivable future.

While the pace of change in today’s technology is at times overwhelming, all industries are facing this together and innovation will continue to be the order of the day going forward. The relocation industry is one that is used to adapting and changing with the times and employee trends.

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When Expat Families go Belly Up!

Going belly is a condition in a company which has gone financially bust and cannot run its day to day operations. However, think of a situation where a family goes emotionally bust and cannot function?

This phenomenon sometimes occurs in families who have relocated because an adult member of the household has accepted a work assignment in a new country. Perhaps some (or all) of the family members are unsure about the move. The relocated employee may be struggling to find his or her way with new responsibilities among new co-workers in a new location and is so immersed in work challenges that the family’s distress goes unnoticed or unaddressed, as he or she is fighting a battle of his or her own, traversing the tight rope at work dealing with an alien culture. If one parent stays at home, she or he may feel all the stress of providing emotional support to family members and of taking the lead in such matters as handling schooling, shopping, attending to chores with strangers where language and culture can be as diverse as chalk and cheese.

These scenarios are all part of a family’s failure to adjust to and positively grow in new surroundings—according to a Global Relocation Management company’s survey, one of the top three reasons for assignment failure, is lack of the ability for the family to get well adjusted. How can this be avoided?

It is key to send the right people on each assignment (a very bold statement, and wish HR managers had crystal balls with them to gaze the future) , and to determine this well in advance. While technical skills are important to the success of an assignment, so is the family’s ability to adapt to new, unfamiliar situations.

Use of IOS Relocation’s cultural training program can help all parties to determine their suitability for the assignment.

A look see/preview trip  will allow the family to preview available homes, schools, and recreational options, while simultaneously learning about the people and culture in the destination location. And the entire family can prepare for culture shock if key tools such as cross-cultural and language training are offered to the entire family. Providing accurate, honest information up front will go a long way toward ensuring a productive—and thriving—assignee and family.

Should you need our assistance in ensuring that your family or your employees family does not go belly up then drop a note to us on and we will be glad to assist.


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IOS Relocations attended EURA WARSAW 2017 Event

Iosrelocation eura warsaw

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