Knock Knock… who is there? Technology…. Technology who? Technology, who is changing the global mobility space for ever!

Technology is changing all our lives and impacting organizations in all industries. The relocation industry could not be an exception to this sweeping change. So, what’s driving the evolution of technology in employee mobility task? And which new technologies are just around the corner? And how can you take advantage of the same, while planning your employees’ relocation?

Technology Changing the Global Mobility Space for Ever The self-serve models we’re seeing today have been driven primarily by the new devices that we not only work with, but use constantly in our daily lives. Siri and Google Assist are a common part of everyday life now, helping us answer questions, monitor our homes, and remind us of our grocery list. A virtual relocation assistant to help you answer relocation questions and submit paperwork can’t be far off.

Data analytics will be telling companies how to spend their relocation budget wisely. Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, driver-less trucks—the stuff of science fiction stories 30 years ago—all have the potential to change the face of the relocation industry. Drones are a reality today, and their current commercial use is that of an enhanced selfie stick. However, this disruptor can be major differentiator in the space of lifting objects via air instead of stair carry in the near perceivable future.

While the pace of change in today’s technology is at times overwhelming, all industries are facing this together and innovation will continue to be the order of the day going forward. The relocation industry is one that is used to adapting and changing with the times and employee trends.