Company Policy

Quality Policy

IOS Relocations are committed to provide Immigration & Destination services to satisfy our customers by :

  1. Adherence of all applicable requirements as per EuRA Global Quality Seal (GQS) standard& ISO9001 Quality Management standards.
  2. Continual improvement of the effectiveness of quality management systems by adherence of quality management principles customer focus, leadership, involvement of people, process approach, control and measurement.
  3. By monitoring measurable objectives & KPI’S, periodical training and motivational programmes.
  4. Focus is to protect, preserve and enhance the environment.

Dated: 27-04-2017

Ms. Lata Patel



*This policy is made available to all employees & interested parties .
The Policy is to be reviewed every six month by the proprietor in the Management review meeting.

Quality Objectives:

  • HR: Minimum 15 hour per employees /per year training
  • IT Maintenance: To reduce the down time
  • Zero Incident at workplace
  • To Increase the customer satisfaction
  • To Decrease the customer complaint to zero
  • Confirmation of acceptance of service following official authorization within one working day / monthly / > 95%
  • Response time to telephone calls/SMS communication from clients and customers less than ½ working day / quarterly / > 90%
  • Response time to e-mails from clients and customers less than 1 working day/ quarterly /  > 90%
  • For the customers and clients for which we do have feedback, communicate results to consultants /monthly
  • Handling emergency requests within 2 working hours / quarterly / > 90%
  • Send out correct invoices according to the clients requirements and local law / quarterly / > 95%
  • Knowledge of client policy, services and reporting requirements by all relevant personnel working on a client account / quarterly / 100%
  • Provide (update relevant parties and IT systems, e.g. Integrated Global Platform) fields with the relevant key milestones as and when information becomes available / no later than on a monthly basis / 100%
  • Acknowledge complaints within 2 working hours, report on status of complaints within one working day and then in an ongoing manner until issue is resolved / quarterly / 100%
  • Having a budget and a financial control in place and reviewing or adjusting it / quarterly
  • Direct contact with transferee following official authorization within one working day / monthly / > 95%
  • Trains office staff regularly on GQS Minimum Standard Requirements (at least annually)
  • The annual turnover rate shall be calculated and evaluated during each management review