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international relocation

IOS Relocations provides support throughout the entire international relocation process as below:

The IOS Look See visit program aims at equipping an assignee with all the requisite relocation information to make a knowledgeable decision about the international assignment. It begins in the assignee’s host country with a meticulous analysis of the requirements prior to travel to the new location. The program moves into the second phase when the assignee arrives in the destination city for a quick look see. An IOS consultant provides a comprehensive city overview of housing, schools, healthcare and recreational facilities through face-to-face exchanges-interactions.

Every program is distinctive in its scope and can be customized to the transferees needs, however, a typical international relocation service program includes:

  • Presentation and discussion on city specific welcome kit
  • Overview of immigration
  • Overview of housing
  • Overview of educational institutions
  • Overview of healthcare facilities
  • Overview of recreational facilities


General outline of the cost of living in the destination city, with a spotlight on:

  • Appliance markets
  • Furniture markets
  • Foreign & local foods availability

IOS offers customized orientation tours to assist in better acclimatizing the assignee and his or her family to their new work and social environment.

Our orientation tour includes

  • General introduction to living in the city
  • Presentation and discussion on city specific welcome kit
  • Area familiarization
  • Landmarks and street names
  • Introduction to foreign and local food stores
  • Local and private transportation around the city
  • General shopping
  • Emergency helpline contacts
  • Dealing with domestic help
  • Local etiquette and customs

When travelling on business or waiting to move into your permanent residence in a foreign country, a comfortable, affordable or top of the line temporary accommodation is on top of the traveller’s mind. IOS Relocations boasts of long standing relationships with leading service apartments/temporary accommodation at highly competitive rates which allow you the ease of a comfortable stay coupled with huge monetary savings.

Our services include

  • Establishing assignee needs
  • Sourcing of properties
  • Pre-screening of properties
  • Negotiations for preferential rates
  • Coordination of check-in and settling-in

Finding a suitable home is the focal point of any transfer. It is one of IOS Relocations’ key services where we bring in our immense knowledge and understanding of the local market. Our home search program is tailor made keeping in mind the customers’ needs in terms of

  • Proximity to the place of work
  • Proximity to the schools
  • Proximity to expat neighborhoods
  • Commuting time

There are no multiple listings available in countries like India and South Asia, but easily available for other countries. Clients reap benefits of our rich realtor partner network that specializes in top quality housing. IOS Relocations pre-screens properties based on clients’ specifications and housing budgets provided by corporate HR.

The programme includes everything from:

  • setting client expectations
  • arranging viewings as per clients needs
  • prescreening property
  • viewing and short-listing properties;
  • lease negotiations,
  • lease documentation
  • closure on property
  • registration of lease
  • area familiarization
  • and assistance in moving into property

We also provide advisory services and guidance to our customers on prevailing property trends.

It’s difficult enough finding a school in a foreign country, but finding the right school can be awfully overwhelming. We at IOS Relocations understand the value of quality education and are committed to assisting the assignee to find the best school for their children. Our friendly yet professional consultations convey advisory services and information on the finest international schools in the assignee’s city.

The programme includes

  • Familiarization with the school & its procedures
  • Counseling about the appropriateness of schools
  • Coordination with the schools on the assignee’s behalf for concluding the admission process

Finding a house is only half of the battle won. Settling in is the other crucial half. It requires meticulous planning to ensure the house is ready to move into. IOS Relocations provide dedicated settling in solutions to its transferees in order to ensure a smooth transition into their new homes. Our team of professionals tweak and mould the services to fit the requirements of each individual assignee.

Our settling-in solutions cover

  • Ensuring the installation of utility services such as
    • Electricity connection
    • Gas connection
    • Telephone connection
    • Cable connection
    • Internet connection
    • Others
  • Immediate area familiarization
  • Introduction to local groceries, markets & vendors
  • Introduction to recreational areas
  • Any other settling in needs

IOS Relocations has a proven track record of minimizing damage claims and prompt return on security deposits. Following is a glimpse of what we cover under the departure programme:

  1. Arranging for a pre walkthrough with the tenant to minimize the damage claims
  2. Initiation of the lease termination procedures, notice to the landlord
  3. Closure of utilities, return-recovery of the deposit of utilities-Utilities deposit
  4. Recovery of full  security deposit
  5. Logistics of moving out
  6. Cancellation of lease
  7. Closure of property and handover

Relocating whether domestically or internationally is a daunting task and involves time consuming activities like packing & moving, house searches, new city orientations etc. apart from the arduous travel. We deliver an extensive range of customized mobility solutions for a fully integrated end-to-end removal of a person from one city to setting up in another. With offices and skilled professionals in 29+ major destinations across India and 500 different destinations, is accessible to IOS.

  • Packing and moving
  • Home search
  • Lease negotiations
  • School search
  • City orientation
  • Utility hook-ups
  • Healthcare overview