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Property management is the operation, control, and oversight of real estate. It is the management of acquired personal property, equipment, and physical capital assets. Property management involves the processes, systems, and manpower required to manage the lifecycle of all acquired property including acquisition, leasing, maintenance, utilization, and disposition.

  1. Investment grade property have no caretaker or quality management
  2. Focus taken away from ROI due to undisciplined cost escalation, and by time consuming management
  3. Low quality property management impacting long term sustainability
  4. Unprofessional realtors not skilled to run these services
  5. Issues reported by the tenants not attended on a timely manner
  6. Non-Resident Indians have limited access to high quality vendors, and service professionals
  7. Ability to coordinate and handle multiple vendors
  8. Access to prospective tenants, perform due-diligence on them and market their property effectively
  9. Lack of efficient lease management services to ensure timely renewals and maximize rental profit
  10. Communication and language challenges with local realtors/vendors

IOS relocations launches its premium property management program to help landlords based in India and overseas to manage their properties and help them maximize their profits. IOS has been managing over 100 properties a year across various cities in India and have successfully implemented and executed property management services for its various corporate clients across cities; and is now offering the same to the landlords, taking into consideration that most of the landlord are unable to dedicate time from their busy schedules to manage and lease their properties.

Property Maintenance Comprehensive Program Quarterly Property Health Check Program Utility Support Program Landlord Representation Program-Lease Management
This annual program ensures maximum coverage and protection of their property This annual program provides quarterly checks to ensure a cost-effective monitoring of the property for long term maintenance This program ensures the landlord have a stress-free management of their utilities connection and be current on other payments This unique program allows landlord to maximize their lease value via effective marketing, due-diligence and access to a vibrant prospective tenant market
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  • Professional management and SPOC
  • Typical cost reduction seen of 15% or more, better ROI through our rental programs and cost management
  • Real Time Tracking
  • House Protection and long-term sustainable homes
  • Vendor Management
  • On-Demand Reports
  • Visibility of the property in the rental Market

Based on type of Property and Square Footage

IOS has a unique pricing proposition which considers the type of property- apartment, villa, independent house, row-house; and the premium-ness of the property based on size and luxury offered. Further, IOS has annual maintenance contracts, one-time programs and OnDemand rate card.

  • An ISO 9001: 2015 certified company with over 25 years’ experience in the relocation industry
  • Recognized as an industry leader providing varied and differentiated service lines including destination services
  • Trusted by fortune 500 companies for managing their relocation needs
  • 95% and above quality achieved during execution of the programs
  • In-House Technical expert team
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